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My name is Mélissa and I am the face behind Mélissa LeMay Salon Education + Coaching as well as Graphic.Maven!

I’ve always been a passionate about customer service, but it’s only in 2012 that I joined the beauty industry and found my true passion.

Customer service experience + beauty industry.

My goal is to help salon owners gain some time and increase their revenue.

Let’s level up the standards in your salon, so you can have more time for yourself (and your family), get a salon that basically ‘‘runs’’ itself, increase the numbers in your bank account and be a happy and stress-free salon owner!


Education + Consistency = Growth

Are you a Salon or Spa Owner who still works ''behind the chair''? Do you find it challenging to manage your team and motivate them? Do you feel like you are always working, yet, your revenue isn't increasing?

I assist overwhelmed Salon and Spa Owners create the Perfect Customer Service Experience in their business. By creating systems, consistency and offering more value, Salon and Spa Owners will increase their client retention and sales and they will improve their Salon or Spa's Culture. I believe in the mindset ''work smarter, not harder''. 

I will help you understand your day-to-day activities, numbers and business systems. We'll figure out together how to be organized and stay on top of your goals. Creating the right systems with the right support, will never get easier!

Are you ready to work less and make more money?


How can you improve?

Wondering how you can improve your Salon or Spa? There are many ways you can improve you clients' experience, as well as your team's efficiency. By doing so, your sales will logically increase, your team culture will flourish and your client retention will grow! Take a look below and see how I can help you grow and improve your salon, in different areas of your business.


Having the right systems in place in your business will help you be more organized, stay consistent and be productive. With every package purchased, I provide a FREE priorganize strategy session, where we will talk about different systems that could be utilized. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the simplest things on a To-Do list.  Would you like to be productive? 


Do you know that every social media graphics have different sizes and requires often different resolution? That's right! Having an online presence is great, but coming across as a professional is very important while building your brand. FB cover page, profile images, headers, photo quotes, stock photos, FB ads and Ebooks designs can get overwhelming when we don't know where to start. 

Check out The Shop to purchase Canva Templates so you can get started on your visuals now!

brain-dump sessions

These sessions are perfect for Solopreneurs with a busy brain. You might feel overwhelmed by all your great ideas and your many goals or you just don't know where to start. Let me be your Business Bestie and let’s organize your brain together! I’ll guide you through it all!
Check out the new Voxer Coaching Program.

Empty your brain. Organize your ideas.
Grow your Business!

I specialize in…

Customer Service Experience
System Creation & Implementation
Salon Culture
Team Performances
Retail Sales
In-Salon Team Trainings

Let me help you grow and improve your salon, in the areas your business need the most!

Customer Service

From canned emails to customer service scripts, use the perfect wording in all your communication - Online or In-Salon, to attract and retain your clientele. 

Imagine creating a training manual to use when on-boarding new team members. Get things done in your business, consistently. No more waking up at 3am asking yourself: ''Did I tell the new girl how to do this...?''

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Other services are also available.
ON-premises analysis, website design,
social media basic training, Creation of Employee's Manual…
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They’ll remember how you made them feel

People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel!
- Maya Angelou



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