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Welcome to the Beauty Success Blog! Here, you'll find blog posts that will help you grow your Salon or Spa business. From tips to ideas, education and marketing strategies, if you are ready to take actions to grow your biz... you are at the right place!

Retain your Clients

It has been proven that it is 6 time cheaper (and easier) to keep your clients than starting with brand new clients. Put some thoughts into it: If you can keep all your clients... your schedule will eventually become fully booked... but if for each new client, you lose a current client... you'll never be fully booked.⠀

They are some calculations you can make to find out how many clients you are retaining. I like to share those calculations with my clients, because more often than you would think, most beauty providers have no idea what their retaining numbers are. 

You will soon be able to download my FREE guide, to help you find out if you are retaining enough clients in your business. Stay tuned!!!

Melissa LeMay