Mélissa LeMay
Business Educator & Strategist for Stylists, Salon & Spa Owners

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Welcome to my PriOganize website! 

My name is Mélissa and I am a Business Organizing Strategist and Social Media Manager. I want to thank you for signing up! 

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More about me... 

Mother of two boys, both hockey players and mama to a little princess gymnast. I volunteer as a hockey team manager for my son's team and at the kids' school. Family being the most important in my life, I've learned how to organize my work life, to make more time for the people that matters the most to me. 
We love to play in the snow, walk on the market downtown, sip fancy drinks at restaurants and travel together! When I am not spending time with the kids, I love exploring the world on my own . I'm a foodie. I simply love everything food related! I'm also a clean freak and own way too many journals. Part-time traveller... I love taking pics of every moments I can capture. 

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